Selecting the Best Wait Staff From the Lot – Here Are the Qualities you need to look for

Are you searching for wait staff for your party? Is your event approaching soon and you need a quick fix? There are many traits in a waiter that will help them be good at what they do. These traits are universally appreciated by hosts all over the world. If you know and apply them while selecting servers to hire weddings near me, then you can feasibly find the best wedding servers for hire.

The most appreciated waiters in the world have a number of qualities that make them stand out. These qualities do not essentially belong to the seasoned ones. Even if someone is just beginning as a new waiter, they can easily be the best waiter around if they have these traits.

Here you will find the top ten traits you need to look for while hiring wait staff for your wedding:


All great waiters have this quality in common – they start by being a patient person. The key reason behind this is that the customers/guests being served will expect them to be patient. They will have to serve guests and find them in the middle of a conversation. They need to have the necessary tendency to wait until they are ready to be served. So, what’s the bottom line? Find the waiters that are patient enough for your guests to wait until they are ready to be served.


While looking for the wait staff, you are looking servers for people from different backgrounds who have contrasting views. This is crazy, but you cannot pick the guests owing to their cultural backgrounds. At your wedding, you will be accommodating all kinds of guests and make sure you have the best servers in your team to serve them deli gently.


Occasionally within a wedding, things can get hectic. At the peak ceremonial hours, it will be a full house. Therefore, your wait staff will need to execute all the servings within the shortest time possible. This makes speed a non-negotiable element. If they have speed, they will be able to serve many guests within the shortest time possible.


A lot of times, one waiter form your staff will be serving several people at a time. They will go towards a table with three or four people, and all of them will need different things. As a waiter, they will have to remember all the orders pertaining to the exact same people without mixing things up. Now, how do they go about this? They should bring a wring pad where they will be writing the different instructions they get from the guests. Otherwise, they might mix up orders, and this will not go well with your wedding event.


One of the most significant qualities of a good waiter is being able to pay attention to the details. These encompass the minor details that are typically ignored by many individuals. The significance of this is that some guests like their orders to be crafted specifically. If they do not craft their plate in a specific manner as they asked them to, your wait staff will definitely upset some of your guests. The solution is easy; your wait staff needs to ensure that they listen to your guests carefully. They should even be encouraged to ask questions in case they find something that is not clear.


Some of the guests, your wait staff serve, will not be happy with the way of serving. Some of them will be stressed owing to their personal issues. Such guests will most likely demonstrate that they are not content with the wedding services. It gets worse since your wait staff will not have anything to do with the stress of your guests. Perfect wait staff will need to be able to take in such criticism and remain composed at all times.


There will be instances when your wait staff will be required to work tirelessly for long hours. Most likely, they will be working in shifts, and there are times when their shift can be extended. Your wait staff needs to understand that being a waiter requires them to have the necessary mental and physical stamina.


There will be instances when your wait staff will have personal issues which might affect their mood and working potential. This has nothing to do with the guests, and therefore, they should be able to shelter this burst of emotions and serve the guests professionally. To pull this off, they need to learn how to wear a plastic smile even when they are stressed. This is crazy, but their demonstration of undesirable emotions will only make things worse for you, and most likely, your guests will want to be served by another waiter.


All your waiters must understand that they are a part of a team. There are other people who they are working with. These guests will expect them to play their role to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If your wait staff is not a team player, there is a high probability that certain things will fall apart at your wedding.


If you wish to find the best waiting staff for your wedding, you need to find people dedicated to their duties. This simply means that they need to love your job. Most of them go to work since we have bills that need to be paid. But if you look patiently, you will come across a lot that will give their all while at work.

From the ten traits stated above, you will understand what to look for while selecting the wait staff for your wedding. You also get to realize the bad qualities of a waiter that need to be avoided.

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