Top 10 Reasons Southern Hospitality Professional Bartenders & Servers is preferred over the competition —

  1. Your Southern Hospitality staff will be in the kitchen replenishing food, taking care of garbage, making sure everyone is happy with food and a drink, washing dishes, setting up, keeping event place tidy… ~ all while you take part in all the memories that will be created while you enjoy your event!
  2. Comprehensive insurance with 2 million dollar liquor liability and 2 million dollar general liability! We are also bonded!
  3. All guests will feel welcome and appreciated while your Southern Hospitality bartender makes their favorite drinks and cocktails
  4. Your Southern Hospitality service does not start at the party! Communication is open with a professional Southern Hospitality manager helping with planning and timeline itineraries!
  5. The owner of Southern Hospitality has been in a successful business since 2006! She has over 20 years experience in this industry ~ she holds a Bachelors in Business Management ~ She will use all her experience and expertise to make sure your party is a complete success!
  6. Your Southern Hospitality bartenders are safe certified. No worries about underage drinking!
  7. You will have the confidence knowing your event place will be meticulously taken care of while your party is in action!
  8. After you put so much work in preparing and planning for your special event you will feel at ease knowing your dedicated Southern Hospitality professional staff will provide exceptional service that will be appreciated by you and all of your guests.
  9. Your guests will not have to feel uncomfortable getting a drink or food, a gracious Southern Hospitality server will conveniently bring everything to them!
  10. When Southern Hospitality packages start at $199.00 why wouldn’t you enjoy your party while we do the party work?

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