About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! My name is Christine Bretana, the founder of Southern Hospitality Professional Bartenders & Servers (SoHo), a practical, cost effective solution to provide you and your family an opportunity to enjoy your special event and not in the kitchen doing all the party work. Our service is designed to eliminate the high level of stress and headache related to executing an event.

I started this amazing journey in 2006 after realizing the overwhelming amount of hard work that goes into planning, preparing, servicing, and cleaning up after your family’s milestone events. I witnessed hosts unable to enjoy their special day as they frantically served their guests, sometimes spending more time in the kitchen or behind the bar to ensure every guest was enjoying the perfect food or specialty drink; they were so exhausted by the end of the night that the memory of the exciting festivities was just a blur. I wanted to “HELP” and Southern Hospitality Event Services was born.

I began to assemble and hand pick a phenomenal team of individuals who could understand and embrace my mission:

To allow our hosts to take part in their celebration while completely confident their guests and party place will be meticulously attended to. We strive to be the best party service business on the East Coast and Florida, as described by our associates, our clients, and their guests!

I’m proud to say that today I have a premier 5-star team of skilled bartenders and servers recognized on a number of websites, including wedding wire, that understand the importance of making a difference. While we serve hundreds of parties, weddings, and events every year, your event is the only one that matters since it occurs for you only once; our only job is to assist you in any and every way. Whether it’s serving hot appetizers, pouring a signature drink, or cleaning up while you properly thank and say goodbye to your guests, our experts will leave everyone feeling happy, appreciated, and impressed, all while you enjoy every moment of your special event.

Our motto says it all and is part of our signature 5-star mission: “Relax! Enjoy your guests, we’ll do the rest!” As owner and founder of a family-owned and operated business, that is my promise to you.

Transforming Your Special Event