7 Ways to make your party Fabulous!

After all the social distancing we’re doing to stop the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus, it’s a delight to know, soon we willbe able to party with our loved ones, celebrating and just being together! Throughout the planning process you will have a party planner help with all the party details! No stressing! We have your back!



With Beautiful, subtle lighting everyone will feel and look fabulous! Votives are a lovely candle option to put around the party place for gentle party lighting.

Plan Your Music

Plan your music. Have an itinerary for the type of music you want to play. For example as guest walk in have light party music, not too loud, so guests can start to mingle, they will feel welcome and in good spirits. During dinner, play dinner music a nice Michael Bolton is perfect Dance time!  Have your dance music ready to go! Black Eyed Peas is a fabulous selection while the dancing gets started!!

Welcome Guests

So that guests feel welcome as they walk in, hire waitresses to offer a guests drinks and  appetizers. The waiter service will be appreciated as soon as your guests walk in! Grazeawayflorida

Fabulous Food Options

ALWAYS Purchase enough food, better to have too much than not enough. The So Ho event staffing Tampa will be sure to replenish and make sure everything stays tidy. Offer a variety of food options. If you know a guest is Gluten Free, include an option on the buffet. Your guest will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Grazing Tables are a fantastic option to put alongside of your buffet! They look beautiful and provide lots of variety! I love love love having this! The catering staff hire will be sure to make this stay and look beautiful!

Bar Options

Vodka, rum, and whiskey are perfect options! Mixers including soda water, tonic, juices including cranberry, orange, pineapple, fruit, lemons, and limes, is sure to make every guest their favorite drink!

Signature Drink

Our Tampa Bartending services will make your signature drinks!  If your celebrating a birthday make the signature drink the guest of honor’s favorite cocktail. Be creative and change the name of the signature drink, 6.Signature drink

“Mikey’s Delight”. If your celebrating a holiday party the Tampa Bartending company, SoHo, will make a wonderful holiday drink such as Eggnog we’ll make the drink festive with wip-cream, holiday sprinkles and a candy-cane. Our bartending service will make an endless amount of cocktails while offering a limited stocked bar. Don’t worry, there will be many options that will please everyone, without breaking the bank!  The event bartender will be a fabulous hit, making your party an amazing one!

Party Theme

Every party is a blast when there is a cool theme!

Some fun options are: 80’s theme, Glow Party!! (My favorite!) and Great Gatsby

We understand there are many event staffing companies, whether you are looking for event staffing Orlandoor event staffing Tampa we have teams throughout Florida, to bring you our signature 5 star service! Don’t take my word for it! Check out our Reviews on Google!

Enjoy the party! You’ve done all the work, now let it go and have fun! Your friends and family are sure to have fun with all that you provided! let it go, relax, and have let our event bartender serve you a drink!

* party snacks ~ put out and make sure to have healthy options.
* Enjoy the party! You’ve done all the work, now let it go and have fun! Your friends and family are sure to have fun with all that you provided! let it go, relax, and enjoy the party!
* Have a plan and start 1 to 2 months before
* (Make a SoHo Party Checklist).

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